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Meal Diaries, what’s that??

Meal Diaries is the newest of the myriads of online food delivery services that have recently cropped up. We don’t believe we are hugely different but what we promise is lip smacking, homely Indian and exciting Global food made and served with lots of love, everyday!

Do you have a kitchen & who prepares all these meals??

We work out of a central kitchen and though we’d love to say we can dish out all that beautiful food ;), in reality the credit goes to a rock solid team of pro chefs who create and roll out finger licking food.

Which areas do you’ll deliver??

As they say ‘Love thy neighbour’, so we are starting out from our neighbourhood of Central Bangalore District which includes Inner Ring Road, Domlur, Amar Jyothi Layout, Old Airport Road, Indiranagar, CMH Road, Ulsoor, MG Road, Dickenson Road, Brigade Road, St. Marks Road, Lavelle Road, Residency Road, UB City and Richmond Town. For Bulk deliveries though we will go beyond our neighbourhood as well.

Delivery slots?? HUHHH???

You know some of us eat early while some of us have a late lunch due to meetings etc. We want you to be able to choose a delivery slot keeping your daily schedule in mind. For main meals, paratha meals and salads, you can choose a delivery slot between 12-1/1-2/2-3. For the small meals, sweets and desserts you can choose between 12-1/1-2/2-3/3-4/4-5/5-6 between Monday and Saturdays.

Hungry ya!! How long is this delivery going to take?

Fighting the Bangalore traffic is big deal but we will deliver within an hour. Though if we are a few minutes late (and we sincerely mean ‘FEW’), do forgive our superman (read ‘delivery executive’) and we’ll surely make up next time.

I placed an order but don’t feel like eating, can I cancel??

Oh ohhh!! No cancellations allowed but trust us, you will definitely want to eat once our food is at your desk, so go ahead, don’t miss out!

I don’t feel like eating from your menu. Can I order what I feel like eating?

Sorry, but we can offer only what we have on our menu for the day. Though, if you are ordering for more than 20 people and let us know a day in advance, we can give you a customised menu!

What about the payment??

Ah, well, very important question for yourself and us. We accept cash on delivery of course but also have a payment gateway that you can use!!

These pics can’t be real! Did you buy it??

All the pics on our website are real pictures of our meals, only arranged and clicked beautifully by a friend and photographer!!

I want Dinner!! Please deliver.

For now we are starting with lunch and snacks. Show us some love and we’ll definitely start serving dinner!!