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Three College friends and a common passion for food, that’s how Meal Diaries was born. The only problem we initially set out to solve was fulfilment of a craving for tasty, homely Indian food and authentic yet unique global fare. With the expertise of some of the best minds in the profession, we set up our first (still early days) professional kitchen in Domlur.

Manned by professional chefs, our kitchen not only boasts of a complete range of pro-equipments but also the highest standards of hygiene to bring you food that is scrumptious, sincere and keeps you strong! Our special ingredient being ‘LOVE’, that one component, that takes you back to ‘maa ka haath ka khaana’ every single day!

And we are not just saying that, we truly believe and practice that philosophy on an everyday basis. Each item on the menu- meticulously selected after rigorous round of trials, prepared under vigilant supervision of specialists and delivered only after a personal tasting by the co-founders (that is whole reason we chose food, remember!) and chefs.

As young indiaviduals, with fair amount of exposure we are aware that Hakka Noodles is as important as Dal Chawal and hence the choice of Indian and Global cuisines. Variety is the spice of life and let alone the same, even similar kind of food breeds boredom. To keep you excited and interested in our food, we have a weekly menu with a daily changing set of mealing options.

Our weekly menu helps you plan and allows you the luxury of ordering in advance rather than worry, or worse still forget ordering lunch on hectic day (which is always!) and our daily changing mealing options will let you enjoy a new flavour every day!

To top it all, our delivery executives (read super men) will fight the crazy luru traffic to get you a warm meal tray as per your preferred delivery time.

So, what you waiting for??


‘Happy Mealing’!!

With love
Meal Diaries.